California Constitution Center turns 10

Dear California:

What a decade it’s been since John Yoo, Danny Chou, and David Carrillo forged the California Constitution Center in April 2012: no one foresaw a pandemic, Trump, a gubernatorial recall, and a European land war. Despite it all California still stands, and the center abides.

In the center’s first decade we worked hard to build a body of knowledge, contribute to the law, and participate in policy debates. Our res gestae:

  • A casebook
  • 188 blog articles
  • 64 moots
  • 50 opinion editorials
  • 47 fellows
  • 25 classes
  • 15 journal articles
  • 15 conferences and events
  • Five amicus briefs

We did work for all four branches of California’s government, for individual elected and appointed officials, and for the governments of South Korea and Iceland. Our journal articles have been downloaded 7,818 times and have been cited in the flagship law reviews at Harvard and Stanford, in statutory annotations and Witkin’s summaries, and the Court of Appeal. In public and behind the scenes, we tried to be objective, expert, and impactful.

None of this would have happened without the labors donated by a wide network of committed volunteers who have service and love for California in their hearts. Many hands built these works, and even the profound gratitude they are due is inadequate to express the thanks owed to these true sons and daughters of the Golden State.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to serve California and view the reward for good service as more chances to be of service to the nation’s greatest state.


California Constitution Center